In weddings and parties

Rent the multimedia platform of the Games shows and you won't have to play already tired and played games in other parties. Instead, we offer to create a special quiz and activity offer with individually designed questions and games, creating a real atmosphere of TV shows. When waiting for guests, you can also use the voting kiosk and then collect the results later, for example, which guest knows best about the young couple.

There are two Game show rental solutions especially for weddings:

  • Quiz for guests before the new couple arrives. In a stand-alone stand, waiting for a young couple, guests with a wireless keypads must answer a variety of questions about the bride and groom.

  • Game show with interactive quiz and other activities (singing, dancing, virtual horse racing with real jockeys, charades, etc.) after dinner and until midnight. Throughout the game, players answer questions about young couple, do other fun activities, score points and are awarded the best at the end.

The game show can be divided into several rounds, optimally 20-30 minutes between musicians or other activities according to the scenario. The game can be played individually as well as divided by teams or tables.