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In corporate events

Rent a multimedia platform of Game Shows for your event. With the help of the innovative software, you can convert your event to unseen and interactive entertainment that will remind you of the atmosphere of TV shows and enjoy your guests and partners.

  • A variation of more than 10 different game shows and quizzes that can be adapted to the event's audience and subject.


  • Creation of individual quizzes and games.


  • Additional multimedia activities and interactive games - virtual horse racing, wheel of fortune, karaoke or talent competition, auctions and other options.


  • Wireless voting keypads, buzzers or smartphone voting support.

  • Bilingual projection of questions.

  • Fully automated score counting and analyzing the resulting data for each quiz question.

  • Customizable design for the company and the event.

  • Wide variations of games and quizzes, depending on the scenario.