In team buildings

By renting an interactive game show platform for a team building event, there is an opportunity to create not only TV-style game shows and quizzes, but also to use the extensive capabilities of software to organize talent shows with voting and other team games. Interactive quizzes can be an addition to physical team building activities and a fun closing of the event. In addition, the resulting audience response data during quizzes can be used for later team analysis.

  • Customizable design for the company and the event.

  • Customizable individual quizzes, questions and games.

  • The ability to divide an audience into teams or individual players, according to the company's structure.

  • Bilingual projection of questions.

  • Wireless voting keypads, buzzers or smartphone voting support.

  • Fully automated score counting and analyze of the resulting data for each quiz question.

  • More than 10 different game shows and quizzes that can be adapted to the event's audience and subject.

  • Additional multimedia activities and interactive games - virtual horse racing, wheel of fortune, karaoke or talent competition, auctions and other options.